Complete End-to-End services: We firmly believe in controlling, not simply managing, as much of the development process that is economically feasible.  This approach allows us to achieve milestones and quality rarely delivered by a sub-contracted development method.  To that end we have grown, not acquired, our service offering.  While it may not be possible to be "everything-to-everyone" we have struck a balance between the critical path functions performed in-house and commodity services, like rapid prototyping.

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Industrial Design
Project Management
Rapid Tooling
Injection Molding
Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing:

Having all the right production facilities is only part of the equation. To have a truly successful, and headache free production schedule you need an integration service that can tie it all together. IDEAS INC. specializes in "turn-key" capabilities. If you would like to wash your hands of as much of the production aspect of your business, you've come to the right place. We are also a great single source for companies searching for purchases sub-assemblies or reduce inventory with JIT production. We offer low-volume contract manufacturing services in our Ohio facility and high-volume contract manufacturing in our facilities located in Malaysia and China. We do not broker these services, our customer buy directly from our factory, in which we have a vested interest. If you would like to learn more about these services, please contact your account manager today.
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