Complete End-to-End services: We firmly believe in controlling, not simply managing, as much of the development process that is economically feasible.  This approach allows us to achieve milestones and quality rarely delivered by a sub-contracted development method.  To that end we have grown, not acquired, our service offering.  While it may not be possible to be "everything-to-everyone" we have struck a balance between the critical path functions performed in-house and commodity services, like rapid prototyping.

Featured services:

Industrial Design
Project Management
Rapid Tooling
Injection Molding
Contract Manufacturing

Injection Molding:

In an effort to control the entire process within resonable economic boundries, we have created our own Injection Molding department. Sampling and running production in-house has made IDEAS INC. a better product development firm and has strengthened our mold building capabilities. With in-house equipment and personel we're able to spend more time sampling each mold and perfecting the mold and the cycle. In addition we are able to further accelerate the mold building process by simply controlling the sampling shcedule. Taking a page from our machinery pruchasing playbook, we have added only state-of-the-art equipment from Nissei and Matsui. We are able to offer optimized solutions for lour customers with any delays or doubts. Injection molding services:

* PPAP inspections
* Turn-key processes
* Sampling
* Volume production
* Comodity through exotic materials (PEEK, PPS, etc.)
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